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U.S.C. - Artist

This is our UNITED SOUND COLLECTIVE. Talents and Artists actively involved in our projects and productions – presented with their own projects. Or just talents we ‘picked up’ from the streets and think it’s worth to share. We want to connect brands, creatives and film-people with new, sometimes undiscovered talents.
Hell NO  –  this is not a stock library. Only real artist – with real ambition. Music we believe in. So come on in – turn it up to 11 and press play.

Upon request all tracks are available for license. Contact us with your details.
Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Don’t panic – we still can help you with your music search.

If you are a talented artist and think it’s worth sharing your tracks with the world or if you wanna know more about USC-Artist and how we work – drop us a mail at uscartist@van-sonic.com or drop your tracks here so we can check you out.

MURDERER'S HOME - Industrial Blues 
DUALESQUE - Electro Rock 
BEN MONO - Clubish 
HOLDEN - Indie Rock 
UHOH - Indie Pop 
HMSO - Synth Pop 
M.K.F.H - Singer-Songwriter
YASMIN GATE - Electro Dance 
Robin Block - Acoustic Pop
Nom de Guerre - Dance Pop
Marco Barotti - Indie Elektro Pop
Volvo Fortuna - Psycedelic Rock
Anacondas - Surf
DUALESQUE - Remixes 
Lee Mason - Singer-Songwriter
Furio - Stoner Rock
Travoltas - Collecge Punk
MR. VAST - Indie Dance